Monday, March 2, 2009

The first snow day ever...

In my kids memory anyway. This is the first time we've had a good snow in years and man are they excited. Thankfully I am "non-essential" so I get a snow day too! We are getting ready to bundle up and head out to the park for sledding.

I was amazed at all my friends on facebook who could not wait and ran out to play in the dark while it was coming down at a pace of about an inch an hour. My parents always made us wait until it let up or stopped. Must be a truly southern thing. I remember having snow pants and boots. My kids don't. They're going out in layered pants and sneakers to play in 7 inches.

My cross-country skis are at my Moms and I sure wish they were here. Maybe I'll get another snow day tomorrow, drop them at Dads and go see what I remember. I want to play too.


  1. Isn't weather amazing. Think about it... all that snow falling from Alabama and Georgia all the way up to Massachusetts. Yikes!

  2. Heyyyyyy, i'm so glad I could share my snow with you!!! LOL. However, i don't have much fun playing in it. But I can remember being a kid and playing for HOURS regardless of the temperature. As an adult, I can't STAND being cold!! Hope you had a blast today!!

  3. If you lived where I live (Chicago) you wouldn't be nearly as excited about the snowy weather in March. :)

    I can't WAIT for the snow to be's supposed to get to 50 degrees here later this week--hooray!! :)