Sunday, February 8, 2009

Please, Don't throw snowballs at my head...

I'm unarmed and I'll just duck anyway. It snowed here on Tuesday. Not much, but snow nonetheless and it was cold enough for me to got to work armed with not only a coat but also a hat and gloves. Today my truck told me it was 74 degrees outside. Amazing!

J went to visit her fam out of town, the eldest wast working and the young ones were on visitation so left to my own devices I had the best Sunday I've had in awhile. I drank fresh coffee and sat in bed reading the paper, I napped a bit and then my boy and I ventured out to meet my sis at PetSmart and Home Depot. We rode with the windows down, the sun roof open and marveled at all the motorcycles we haven't seen out in a bit. I did have to pooper scoop but then I laid in a beach chair with a book and a beer nodding in the sun while my pups happily chewed their new bones. I imagined us grilling out and chilling in the hot tub this evening but no one has come home yet. So showered and content here I sit knowing that come the dreaded Monday morning I will be wishing for a rewind.

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