Saturday, February 7, 2009

They're gone...

All 3 of these sweet babies left today. I've been hanging out with the tv and internet while I wait for each of thier new families to come and welcome them into the family. Fostering puppies is a lot of work. There's endless poo and puddles. The yard always need pooper scooping. Everyone has to be fed, loved and cared for...but I will miss them. They all snuggle and relish in the warmth you give them. They are all good dogs, going to good families. I'll miss thier joy and happiness and all the puppy breath and endless kisses and I hope their families send us updates.

My pups were outside when the last one left and were a bit confused when they came in and discovered their new playmates were gone. They've been with us for 2 months. Now my babes are snoozing and, I imagine, enjoying the quiet.

Frodo is still here. He hasn't had an adoption application follow through yet and still has 3 more weeks of crate-rest due to heartworm treatment. He's still very quiet and not feeling great but an awesome dog nonetheless. I'd guess I'll see Sprout missing the babies this week and Frodo missing their momma. They were all great pals. If you know anyone looking for a dog that admittedly needs training but is always happy, never has shown agression and is a playful loving guy, spread the word. He needs to find his family too.

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