Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poor Kids...

So the eldest is almost financially ready to buy another car...but is nagging the hell out of me nonetheless! She found 4 cars she'd like and wants to run out and see them and some how ensure they won't be sold to anyone but her...With her checking account overdrawn and her credit card over the limit she'd like to buy a car on Friday. Isn't that where Mom always has to come in? I told her no.She'll take care of her checking account this week on payday, apply her tax refund to her credit card and then I'll help her shop more. She looked like she wanted to cry, but took it well. She does understand and agrees that how to do it....but she wants a car sooooo bad...and riiiiight now. I told her to stay on the path, she's made great progress and is almost there. I hope she learned this latest life lesson well and it won't bear repeating.

The next in line has decided on his career choices now. He'd like to be a pro football player (hell, Mom might like that too) as long as Cleveland doesn't try to draft him or President so we can all live together in the White House or a mechanic so he and his Dad and uncles can all work on cars together. And yesterday as he and his younger sister played in the hot tub he lamented over how hard it is to be in an all female household...This is made awful by the fact that Mommy doesn't play football and in his words I only want to do girly stuff. Pointing out that we catch wild animals like toads and snakes and play basketball doesn't count. He wanted me to throw the pigskin and since I can't catch the damn thing I wasn't interested enough to give in.

And miss Z is over winter. I gave in to flip flops for the 2 of us today but am afraid it was a mistake. We both had on pretty spring dresses and our favorite flip flops but it is chilly out. my toes are cold. She was going on as we got dressed this morning about winter again and wondered again how anyone could possibly wish for it..."I'm all about being warm in dresses shorts and flip flops. Don't people know that? Summer is best!" This seems to have consumed alot of her thinking time lately. She'll be over the moon with temps in the 70's tomorrow!

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  1. 70's? You.Suck.

    You have a busy household!