Friday, January 16, 2009

Tricky Navigating...

I find it's difficult running around these days with no plastic! I took the credit cards out of the wallet and worked out a plan to pay off most of my debts this year and then I lost my debit card.

Now, before any random visitors freak out on my behalf let me tell you this is not unheard of in my world. I am certain it will turn up sometime between a week and month after the arrival of the new one. Why over Christmas break I just found the re-branded credit card Capital One sent me months ago. This has happened enough in my life that I take it in stride and keep going...until the fuel light comes on in the truck and all the flippin banks are closed. No one wants to take checks at gas stations.

So I ended up a bit late at work because I was sitting in the bank's drive thru at 9am to withdraw gas money. Apparently it takes a little while to get a new card and since I didn't really believe I'd lost it - I was certain it'd turn up within the week - I delayed getting a replacement...I found out that you can't even get lunch in the cafeteria at work with a check. The good news is that since I procrastinated around the need for cash and had no card I didn't spend money this week. Good for me, bad for retailers, huh?

And the whining will not stop here tonight...Not the children's or the puppies. There's no Fun Friday Night for me today. I am totally annoyed and pretty much over whatever else may cross my path tonight...Someone be a dear and get Mommy's Little Helper.

...Oh, and my comments all seem to be missing? No ideas there, I've checked the settings and am obviously missing something. Hit me up thru e-mail if you know. :)


  1. whats in your wallet........

  2. You know it...only nothing right now! lol

  3. could be worse, you could have pneumonia like me