Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dinner anyone?

KJ has requested I make a buffet for dinner. Nevermind that I cooked a pot of soup today - cramy potato with peas and ham. He'd prefer dishes of yams, black beans, cheddar cheese soup and spaghettios. All lined up for him to go through sampling each dish. I don't think so.

They also constructed the Great Wall of China today. In the living room. With every pillow I own and the repeatedly flew across thr oom to crash into it...

And when I checked on what other trouble they might be up to when my littlest movies star had me strap on her gloves I discovered they were bringing HUGE MONDO HUNKS of ICE into the living room. I'm not sure why. I didn't ask. But I did make them take them out...I drained the hot tub last week and haven't filled it back up yet because all the water that was left in the seats froze...Today is Saturday and it's cold as crap. I miss Summer! I've got 6 dogs in my house - good dogs but still 6 of them...and 3 kids! I'm over it! If we can't get snow winter can end...I'll be better tomorrow but Florida sounds like a dream come true today!

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  1. Everyone looks so comfy and cozy, including the dogs! Well, I guess that is what winter and cold weather is for - staying in and relaxing a bit.