Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kid Quotes...

  • You're just like sexy know the card you got where Santa didn't have enough clothes on
  • I'm gonna beat you like a pinata
  • I'm the Queen of Bowling
  • Ooh, the dumb bus just left!
  • Winter is the longest winter ever - I have to wear long pants. It's about wearing warm stuff. I care about stuff like jackets and sweaters and all you care about is shorts
  • OK, Z hold on its going to be a lousy ride...

Endless entertainment I tell you! KJ decided I should run for President today. You know the President is a hero and he told me I'm his...Plus I'm smart we could move the whole family in - My house, My parents, My sister, ex-husband, aunties and more. AND we could have a whole pack of dogs and Mom would get paid more. It's ideal!

I told him I wouldn't like to work all the time and have to travel all the time so thanks, but no, I'd miss them too much and that job doesn't fit my lifestyle...So now he's on to his second choice and going to try and sell his Dad on taking the job.