Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am the Sim Master,

I have mastered the Sims! So surgery sucked, of course but all went well and now I am supposed to be staying quiet. That's not working out so well. I have played hours of the Sims on the Wii now and achieved the coveted 5 star status for my town...They had a "party" for me but I was kinda underwhelmed. I guess I found all the territories there were to explore. Needless to say I slept a ton on Thursday and spent Friday glued to the couch bitching about all the other things I could be doing once my work day ended. J took me out to get food for the fosters and dinner for us b/c I wasn't supposed to drive yet and I had a good time, but admitted I should be resting. Today I dropped C at work and foolishly stopped in at Target. I'm home now - sigh. Pain's not bad, just plenty of cramping and back pain.

I did find the energy though to re-claim my bathroom from the babies though. The crate I have for them left rust marks on my fairly new floor - It totally pissed me off, I cleaned the bathroom but wasn't yet up to truly trying to get out the stains. Suggestions? Ideas?

I have re-located them to the living room now that they are getting bigger so when they are in their crate they can get used to all the people, noises and other dogs. They'll be fixed in a couple weeks and ready for their new families Mid-Feb. We'll all be sad to see them go but Frodo will be recovering from heartworm treatment at that point and getting ready for his new family (he has a pending adoption application in already - fingers crossed!) and he will truly benefit from some training before he goes. Miss Momma still needs to find a family though...Then we'll enjoy the break and only have 2 dogs until the next one graces our home. They mastered the steps today and tried to sass their momma. That didn't go well for them - lol

I am so bored...Here's hoping there is something decent on tv! Have a great weekend.

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  1. happy to hear you're up and about....and the playoffs are on TV!!!