Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh, yeah and I'm not ready to be poked and prodded.

Tomorrow is the big day. Yet another friggin surgery. It's funny but you have to list any and all surgeries in the past and this makes number 6. I'm way to young for that shit! The upside is that is doesn't feel like a huge scary deal any more. This one of course is very minor and I plan to be home before lunch. :)

But it got me to thinking...When I was 23 years old they called me at work and told me - OVER THE PHONE - the Dr thought I had cervical cancer and needed to be scheduled for surgery right away. Um, yeah, that's not nice. In college they found the 1st lump in my boob, which was nothing, but they didn't make it sound that way. When, 2 years ago, they thought I had ovarian cancer had me come in under the pretense of abnormal test follow up to tell me and send me for blood work while scheduling surgery. It was kinder but when they take you immediately from exams to ultrasound and call in the Dr to look at the screen and start measuring things you know your either pregnant or fucked up and I knew the 1st was wrong so I was prepared. Anyway, so long story short all my surgeries had to do solely with female anatomy. I'm thinking at this point they can take it all and just let me keep the one ovary I have left. LOL

When you hear stories of folks who are seriously ill or in war torn areas or faced with unimaginable decisions we often wonder how they get through and why they made the decisions they did. You know, you just do. Its like conditioning the body through exercise. When you start jogging you think I can never run a mile but maybe 3 months later you can enjoy a 6 mile run with ease. Surgery is nothing I ever hope to be "used to" but perhaps I already am. I'm not really stressed and the kids took it all in stride too. Their only concern is that I wouldn't be able to drive around a bunch and they didn't want me to feel bad. I may be missing for a day or 2 or I may be bored as hell and typing away...Either way, say a mini prayer knowing I'll be fine and we'll all chat again soon! ;)


  1. sorry about all of that Lil....hope you're doing all good. Prayers coming your way......

  2. sounds like you're doing well now ... surgeries suck ... but yes, I think we do get used to them ... I'm on #4 myself.