Monday, January 5, 2009


So I have a kitty I love. He's a sweet, de-clawed, house boy who loves every soul he meets...And of course I have the two "bad dogs" pictured here on the side of my blog...They've taken to chasing my poor boy and it's escalating into dangerous territory...I know I need to work the dogs one on one and demote them back to boot-camp level if you will, but beyond that..UUUGGHHH! Genghis Khan doesn't have claws! He's getting older and a bit slower! And I don't think his fearfulness (which is totally justified) helps the situation. I think it sets the dogs off when they have each other to feed off. I don't want to have to set up separate territories or send him to my Mom's...Any additional ideas? :(

In other news
  • the day back to work and school went fine. As usual the kids had a blast and Mommy had too much work and not enough hours to do it all. lol
  • The puppies are doing well and only have slight cough - they're eating food and trained me to know when they have to go potty ;)
  • I have my minor, icky surgery on Thursday

Um, yeah. Guess that's it and now that I'm faced with "real life" again as opposed to my lovely vacation world I have to go get ready for bed. sigh


  1. hope everything goes ok on Thursday....
    did you get that heat pump taken care of?

  2. No - no money 'til payday due to a daycare mix-up. :(

  3. You're not alpha. Take back the alpha role and things will settle down. Show the dogs you rule and will not tolerate the chasing game.