Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm gonna Beat you Like a Pinata!

These are the words regularly heard from my 5 yr old's mouth now. Not sure where she got them but it's funny as hell! She beat her brother in Wii boxing and he had talked so much trash I cheered for her...He left the room fake crying. I pointed out the why and that's it's important to be a good loser and winner and all was fine. They continued until bedtime. :)

And I demoted Sprout. We've been refreshing on the leave it command, he's been grounded a couple times and going through a refresher on his obedience commands. He settled right down and won't leave me now. Guess he's pleased. C told him to "go home" so she could let the fosters out and he came to me and laid at my feet, and looked very sad when told to obey. We'll get back on track...and eventually we may see Genghis venture downstairs again soon. He's camped out in the dog-free territory upstairs.

1 comment:

  1. Viva Pinata!

    My nephew loves that game. As for the Wii he's outgrown it, will only play the xbos360.

    Yea for trash talk!