Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bitch, Bitch, Moan Whine...

I have to go back to work tomorrow. I've ONLY been off since the 18th of December. And yes, I'm very glad I have a job, but DAMN why does vacation ever have to end! LOL

The good news is that means I had a blast which is really what all vacations are intended for. I got tons of family time, cooked, played cards, got hooked on the Wii, played with puppies every day and rarely got out of my pajamas. I stayed up til 2am most every night and slept in every day. I took naps too and drank my fair share of all the drinks going around. I shopped, ate out and read a great book. I watched movies, enjoyed the 75 degree day and marveled when it snowed here 2 days later...

The funny think is that they are calling for a "wintry mix" on my Wii weather channel...Starting Monday and lasting through Thursday...Now I certainly don't think it will happen but how FRIGGN AWESOME would it be to start the work year with a snow day? You with me here? Folks here have no idea what to do when it does snow so I pray for everything to shut down so the kids and I can go out sledding. We haven''t had any snow to speak of in several years here. :(

I had ice all over my heat pump this morning though. And the fan wasn't turning, but the motor was on and we had heat, so I turned the heat off and went to church thinking someone must know something. They told me to "reset it" so it could defrost. Well I'll be damned if I could find a reset button. It did thaw while I was at church though so I pulled out the fuses hoping that would "reset it" too. It seems to have worked but I'd love more info if any of you know anything. Its all new to me and I'm guessing based on the oh-so-holy internet theres a problem with the defrost function/timer or we're low on refrigerant. Thoughts? Any knowledge on how to tell? Thanks Folks and...

For Va anyway...I'd be happy to have all the snow you can spare. :)

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