Saturday, December 6, 2008

We saw the Fat Man...

We hit the Christmas Parade today. I started this tradition when my 19 yr old was small enough to sit on my shoulders and it continues to this day. J, in all her insanity got up at 6am to get ready to start the day. We thought we might skip so as soon as she "undressed" and settled in to read the paper we decided we all wanted to go...All she could say was "You People!" and hurry up to put her insane amount of layered clothes - again.

Parking was great, the parade was fabulous, the youngest was slightly whiny and all went well except for the jerk-off yelling beside us. You know the kind - telling the girls in their costumes they needed to cover up, yelling to the Shriners that they needed to repent and were disrespecting Allah and on and on...The police came by to have a conversation about his disturbing the peace. I think he argued his way into a ticket and eventually he left. I was glad to see him go. Anyway, it was all worthwhile when the Fat Man came - you know who I mean. We all clapped and cheered and yelled Hi to Santa - clearly the annual highlight! We then swung by our favorite little Irish spot for lunch and hit a thrift store to the delight of my kids on the way home. KJ actually played outside all afternoon!

I had to get the oldest from work so we made a foray into PetSmart as well. A woman recognized Sprout's breed, got off her cell phone and wanted to know all about him...She had an American Bulldog too. She whipped out her phone to show us pics, fed him treats at the register in line and I think if she hadn't believed she might look a little silly she would have gotten down and rolled around on the floor with him. Layla, was ignored...but C fed her cookies too.


  1. Nothing like an afternoon with Santa topped off with a strange lady handing out doggie treats! Funny stuff...Chewy told me to check out your blog!

  2. Glad you like it. :)