Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Health Benefits of Knitting

My friend at work decided to knit. My son began weaving at school and I packed away many clothes this month due to growth spurts in our house, including the last little, pretty pink sweater my grandmother knitted...So, I got a little sentimental and began wondering how freakin' hard could it be?

I searched the Internet for directions, grabbed a skein of yarn from around the house and a wooden spoon and taught my self to cast on stitches. All went well so the next day I bought some yarn I actually like and 2 knitting needles. My first try at a scarf came out as a frilly collar. My second came out way narrow at the bottom and very wide at the top...I consulted my friend at work who showed me that I was "picking up and extra stitch," I ripped out my work and began anew. Today I am successfully half-way through my first scarf.

So I alluded to the idea that knitting is good for you...Well, I've been knitting in the evening and realized that keeping my hands busy with the yarn results in less snacking and smoking, plus it's relaxing. Total win-win. And the kids are excited and actually want to own the stuff I'm making. Good stuff.


  1. good for you! I crochet and love it....

  2. Anonymous12/06/2008

    It's fun to learn a new skill. Hand knitted things create personal memories. - When I was a child, a friend's Mom knitted mittens and slippers for the neighborhood kids. - And anything that helps cut back on smoking is an added plus.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.