Friday, December 19, 2008

This is Vacation?

I swear today was nothing like I planned my 1st day of vacation. You see I've been fantasizing about dropping the kids off at school and spending the day baking in peace in quiet. Or maybe going back home and laying in bed all day with a good book, but alas it was not to be.

After loading 3 kids and 3 dogs all in the truck - um, yeah. I'm glad I bought it. I dropped off Z at school and discovered that not only did I forget the gift for her friend at her party today, but KJ signed me up to bring ice cream I didn't have...So I dropped him at school and spent more moeny than I could have planned for at the grocery store on a book the kid likely is too young for. And since they did not have a single flippin gift bag I bought one of those sacks designed for holding your plastic bags and turned it into a gift bag with a handle. I dropped these back at daycare and headed to the vet to while away an hour.

I rushed home and paid bills before taking C to meet a friend of mine with her daughter for lunch and a quick pit stop at Target...Then got home in time to let the dogs out and was late picking up my son from school...He was sitting in the office where they were calling parents cell phones - ick! I was then supposed to read to Z's class but of course I left the book at home on the couch. So I rushed home to grab the book, left KJ with J and went to read to Z & friends. J told me to hurry back so she could leave again for her 2nd job and so I did, foregoing some of the other errands I SWORE I'd do today. After all this I've been chasing them away from puppies all night!

Did I mention I have the word "SUCKER" prominently tatooed across my forehead for all to read? You see I had to pass the home visit to foster Frodo and it was done by another organization in our area. The woman mentioned a Mommy about to be put down that they would pull from the shelter yesterday...Of course J & C got excited, I was asked to fill out a form so I could foster moms w/ babies in the future...Did you read the last 3 words? They said in the future. Well, Mom is here now and doing great with her little 3 week old babies. All is well and when the ex asked if I was opeining my own petting zoo I replied "yes, this way they can earn their keep. $5 please." Besides, I fimly believe puppies make people hapy and actually would pay money to play with them. lol Looks like Ill have too many dogs for the next couple of months but it'll all be fun and do good by them.

Apparently someone saw Momma go into and abandoned building and thought she went in to die when she did not come out...Turns out she went in to give birth and was taken to the shelter to be housed on a concrete floor for 2 weeks. They were going to kill her and the babies so nwo they are with me for some time. I'm glad she's being a good mother and now has a safe, warm and dry place to raise the wee ones.

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