Sunday, December 21, 2008

I need rescuing...

We went to my sister's bithday dinner at Olive Garden last night. The food was fab and the kids were almost perfect. But today...the bickering, yelling, screaming, wrestling and overall bitchiness are driving me to drink!

Theyw ere good earlier for the trip don town and to the grocery store but once I attempted to bake it all went to hell in a handbasket. I've shooed the kids out to clean their room. I'm hearing utterings down the hall like ""I'm gonna punch your eye out!" from the 5 yrd old and "I'll let you up if you swear to stop screaming!" from the 8 yr old...I could go down the hall and threaten to end it all but since they think I can't hear them I think I'll leave it alone until I hear real danger.

Meanwhile I'm making trash that doesn't taste as strong as I'd like and chasing dogs away too. The babies started trying to walk today and have their eyes fully open now. They actually lok like teeny tiny dogs!


  1. Awww puppies! I'm a sucker, obviously since I have three dogs, for a cute adorable puppy face!

    Nice job on the blog template :)

  2. Thanks - What kind do you have?

  3. Anonymous12/23/2008

    Cute puppies.