Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One more day where it sucks to be a girl...

I was so pleased at the thought of making it through a year with out any surgeries. You see, I've been on a roll. Last year I had a lump in my breast and a breast reduction. The year before that I went in for pain, was told I had a tumor and lost an ovary and tube and since we're all the way into December I thought I'd dodged the bullet this year...

Five years ago I had Z. She was an "accident." My marriage was all to hell, I was dealing with post-partum depression and some anxiety...My doctor and I decided an IUD would be a good thing to prevent pregnancy in the event I actually had sex while I worked through all the bs...Z's 5 now so it has "expired" and needs to come out (I know you can see where this is going, but I'll tell you anyway.) The last 2 years they couldn't find the string and ordered ultrasounds to ensure all was well. Today it was to come out, but obviously didn't. I practiced breathing and tried to climb the walls but after two "good tries" and not finding it they thought perhaps they'd do an ultrasound to help guide the good Dr to the string...Long story short, many cramps and lots of blood later, they'll knock me out and do surgery to remove it.

Today, it sucks to be a girl!


  1. oh Lily girl....I'm so sorry. I hope you are feeling ok and up for a nice Christmas

  2. I know someone who had that same issue. They had to have it removed in the hospital, under anesthesia. She said it was a very quick and not too bad a procedure. That being said, I'm wishing the same for you! Good luck with this. Sorry you have to deal with having this removed.