Friday, November 28, 2008

Whoo - I'm a tired puppy.

I set the alarm for 3am, actually got up and when I called my Dad he was up...So off I went, coffee in hand. We were at Wal-Mart by 4am I think. I planned to be soo good. I would only spend $100 and to help I only took one card with me...Dad said he'd cover the overage though so I ended up spending twice as much and need to drop a check by to him. Lol. After that we went to Sam's Club where I had the pleasure of chatting up my sister who was "guarding" merchandise and my brother-in-law who was on his way to await a milk shipment. I got some good deals on smaller stuff I probably would have bought anyway and feel better about Santa now. And my Dad, well, he got his grocery shopping done. We had a nice breakfast and I enjoyed going with him. Once back to his house I took his "babies" potty, pre-made his lunch and left him napping in his chair.

By the time I got him at 9am C was getting ready to head out with her friends. She did decide she wanted to go with us last night but refused my 3am wake-up call. I just woke up again around 130 or 2 and am sooooo glad the kids are with their Dad today (so, I can eat and go back to sleep.) J went to spend the day with her Mom yesterday and will be home later o the pups and I will lay around all day just appreciating the quiet!

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  1. You are good. I have always wanted to try get out there early the day after Thanksgiving but never quite made it. By the time I hit the mall yesterday, it was 5:00 pm. And I didn't get any gifts. I'm not off to a good start am I.