Saturday, November 29, 2008

Santa dropped by early...

I put the tree up today. Not because I like it up this early, but because my children want it up so badly and since I picked it up on clearance last year I'm "new" to this tree and don't really want to discuss how to do it "right" with an 8 yr old. We are all ready to decorate when they return now. :)

The dogs were outside while I undertook what turned out to be the quickest, easiest tree I've ever owned. Genghis Khan laid underneath on the tree skirt deeply breathing and, I guess, imaginng what real pine might smell like. LOL

Once my pups returned Sprout put his bone under the tree. Now mind you I did not see him do it but when I came back into the Living room, there it was, under the tree on the skirt. I called out to J that Santa had dropped by and to come and see the bone he brought us. She came, and he promptly reclaimed the bone from under the tree. Guess he didn't want us to think we could have it. ;)-

Now I just have to keep Lola - aka Bad Kitty - from climbing it!

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