Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, Monday...All Day Long!

Not only did we have fussing over no clean, dry jeans and the fact that Mommy would not turn around for juice as walked out the door, the car keys were lost...And I don't mean I laid them down in a different spot, I mean they were lost somewhere in the house...It's after 8 at night and I still don't know where they are...Thank goodness it only took like 15 or 20 minutes to find the freakin' spares!

And those who know me well are all aware that I leave the house every morning with a mondo coffee cup...think of one that hold like 32 oz. And because I don't care for travel cups this would be a mug and you CAN SO see where this is going. Before we got on the main road I managed to inhale some and choke myself so badly I had my son beating my back while I drove along realizing coffee came out my nose! Then when digging for chapstick for Z (who is SOOO not a morning person) the WHOLE ENTIRE FREAKIN' MUG FLIPPED OFF THE DASHBOARD!!! This of course drenched me, my son and my new vehicle...Um, not the way to start the day!

Things weren't off to a great start at work either, but I must admit the day got better. Let's all toast to a short week!

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  1. Oh that just stinks. Definitely not a great way to start the day. Thank goodness for short weeks.