Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wandering Aimlessly...

I've been busy at work and all is going well, but on the home front I've been a bit bored and unable to settle on what's next. Now I'm sure that's all well and good with the holidays upon us, but the kids and I would all skip them if we could get spring to come. With the colder air we tend to stay in and have all read and played games all day long. Now that they are bored with that they are bouncing off the walls as bedtime approaches. I have a list of things I am contemplating like learning to knit, ripping out the carpet on the stairs and doing some painting, but I only seem to desire curling up in bed with piles of good books until springtime. I have plenty of creative ideas swirling but without the materials, or the desire to tear up the house with the holidays approaching I am practicing the art of being thankful for what I have. I'm thankful for...
  • 3 wonderful kids
  • the best parents ever
  • my sister who is my best friend
  • a very cool niece and nephew who like to spend time with me
  • and many other family members to cool not to count.
  • having all my bills paid and no fear in these tough economic times
  • that I have a nice home and the sense to enjoy it
  • great books
  • good coffee
  • a nice wine
  • good food
  • friends
  • they joy of creativity
  • satisfaction found in simple, hard work
  • afternoons at home on hot summer days
  • the ocean, always
  • the hot tub on cold snowy nights
  • family dinners
  • playing cards on the deck
  • waking up listening to and watching the leaves rustle outside my bedroom window
  • the Sunday paper on the deck
  • rivers for tubing, swimming and more
  • mountains to climb and miles to go. (smile)

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