Saturday, October 25, 2008

Totally Tagged

Happy Saturday. It's cool and rainy today so we'll all stay inside. The cleaning happened early, the paper was read and the kids were good 'til about 3 when they began to self destruct. We decided on about 15 mins of quiet time before heading out in the rain to my son's game. One more game and we get a week or so off before basketball begins...Oh the life of a busy boy.

Piggy and Sprout have learned to roll over now...They're quite good and the kids practiced with them on their "trick today until they were dizzy. lol

It's quiet here now so here's a tagged list...

I am : a busy girl
I think : I'm doing just fine, but need to cope better
I know : I want the best for my kids
I want : My oldest to wake up and smell the freakin' coffee already
I have : most everything I want in life
I wish : that I could live at or very near the beach
I hate : that Chantal is heading for heartbreak
I miss : time for warm summer nights staring at the stars from the hammock
I fear : my dad's illness and the effects on his emotional well-being
I hear : my children playing happily together
I smell : the brownies I baked and the soup J cooked
I crave : A great new book
I seek : peace & Joy daily
I wonder : how similar Z really is to her big sister
I regret : little, I wanted or thought it was right when I did (or didn't) do it
I love : my life
I ache : in my heart for my father and my oldest
I was not : wanting to be at my son's football game today in the rain
I am not : a liar or cheater
I cry : because I worry so about my oldest right now
I believe : in hope
I dance : with my kids in the kitchen, but not as often as I should
I read : blogs, news, and books - I can devour several hundred pages a day
I don't always : set the example I'd like
I fight : for what I believe in
I write : here
I win : because I am intensely competitive
I lose : sometimes, and I hate it
I never : leave the Christmas tree up a day or two beyond Xmas
I always : change clothes as soon as I get home
I confuse : my kids names sometimes when they act up
I listen : to my kids stories for what sometimes feels like hours every day
I can usually be found : near home
I am scared : that my kids won't make good life choices
I need : more discipline
I am happy : because life is DAMN GOOD!

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  1. Interesting and challenging list of questions. I hope things turn out ok for you Dad.