Friday, October 24, 2008

It's been a long time...

Oh my gosh, how life gets in the way sometimes! I've been busy at work, busy at home and struggling a bit to keep up with it all leaving me no time to post...

KJ got a basketball hoop recently...It was a hand me down from a neighbor around the corner so I told ex (who was dropping the little ones off) to get it and we'd look at it 1st to ensure I wasn't going to have to figure out how to get rid of someone else's trash. As we inspected it in the street, a neighbor came running...You see we had a neighbor with one for her 4 small kids. A good thing that turned sour once all the young men started showing up to play, hang out, rink and throw trash on the ground. One of the neighbor's decided to "dispose" of it in the middle of the night and ended up arrested and going to court. All in all an expensive, ugly scene and the neighbor was very worried our street was headed for chapter 2...I assured him that was not the plan and now it's set up in the backyard. KJ has been kicking my butt. I had the ball and told him to "check me" and he proceeded to explain we were playing "street ball." I thought I knew how to play, but not his way...for him that means NO rules. I must admit that once while stealing the ball I did knock him down and send him rolling through the dirt. I did apologize though and help him up. lol...He beat his Dad too, and while Dad shook his hand and told him great game I think he had more fun with me. When I won I was a totally bad winner, and when I lost I was a worse loser. It was all in fun though and we had a lot of fun laughing and playing together...Oh and I said it was really 2 on 1. He disagreed, but I think the fact that Layla spent all her time trying to get the ball from me and NOT from him might have helped a little.

We had a good time at Outer Banks weekend before last too. But KJ caught a stomach bug and missed out on a lot of beach time. He was pleased though because he did get to swim one day and was good enough for Go-Karts on the last day. They had a sale at Sound Feet too so he got new shoes hats. Z loved it of course and spent her time getting made-over by her cousin and her friend. We visited the Nature Conservancy too and got some cool pics of the sound.

While we were gone Chantal threw a rod in her the car we just bought in July, that she's had trouble making payments on, that I found out boyfriend was driving without permission, that she can't afford to repair...So that coupled with a long talk with his parents an her recent behavior led me to sell the car. I really didn't want to but think it much better for her to learn a lesson and get it together now while she's young then later when I can do less to help her. She's pretty unhappy without a car and we're going day by day trying to get everything back on track.

To get out from under all the negative equity I traded the Corolla along with my Prius and walked away with a brand new RAV4. That all sounds well and good, but damn I got spoiled. I must have lost my keys a dozen times in the first few days, kept trying to adjust my radio on the steering wheel, drive without keys and expected to unlock for me when I approached the vehicle. Um, yeah, The RAV4 is not a "smart car" so now i have to have keys in hand to get in, to drive and I actually have to touch the radio to change my listening choices. Yep. I'm spoiled. But it is a very nice vehicle and I once again and the happy owner of a sunroof...It's the little things.

Z turned 5 last week too! We had a simple party at home and she was slightly overwhelmed with all the attention. My sister came by to drop off her present this week: a box of "wishes" that you read out loud each night and put under your pillow so it will come true. KJ missed it being opened and she didn't quite get the jist of it. He came out to see what she'd received and my sister announced, proudly, that she's brought Z wishes! KJ was obviously confused and prodded for more info. Joslin again said she brought "wishes, because they are the best thing ever." My son looked at her with totally straight face and said "I thought you would get something better than that" obviously disappointed with her gift selection skills...I told him to be careful because his birthday was next week! lol

Football is almost over and we sign up for B-Ball tonight...C is still hunting for full time work (I think, um, hope)...and Z goes happily along with everything, except getting up for school in the morning. Life goes on. The holidays are upon us and I foolishly wore flip flops today. Have a great weekend!

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