Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's so cold, I'm MELTING!

That header is a pearl of wisdom shared by the (newly) 5 yr old this morning...It's gotten colder here, say 30 tonight, and my family does not appreciate it one bit. Janice told me she'd pay me to keep the heat on. When I got home I wondered why it was cold and checked the thermostat...It was only 60 degrees in here and lo and behold someone turned on the ac instead of the heat. I'd be more inclined to be upset if the teenager hadn't left the house for the day leaving the back door wide the hell open.

We had the book fair tonight and I ran into yet another parent who assumed I was married to my kids Dad. I guess this is natural since he knows us from baseball season and both of us attend all sporting events, but after explaining I got to hear all about his e-wife while I stood in line to but books at the school book fair and spaghetti dinner.

"Quit sniffing my butt!" "It must smell yummy - maybe he'll take a bite." J just came home bringing my oldest offspring. Only the Mom of a teenager would truly understand but I swear to Pete I'm ready to throttle her in the front yard. Anyone wanna trade? The saga continues and one stupid decision after another keeps piling up. She's disrespecting rules, the family and not handling any of her business well with the exception of keeping her job. ..This doesn't even begin to cover the anger and disappointment I'm feeling.

KJ was so pleased to have new books he said they're better than tv and read his new mondo Simpsons comic book all night! Gotta love a kid that reads! Z got books too and had a great time. She's looking forward to Kindergarten and so am I. They are amazing little folks.

And you know those embarrassing stories people always ask you for? I have one...I was giving a speech to a New Hire Class at work the other day. I walked calmly toward the group sitting on the patio and totally bit the dust! I twisted my ankle my bags flew over my head and I skinned the hell out of my knee...I got up, said I was fine and gave my speech. Overall it went well...perhaps it helped that I wore black pants and told myself I'd be fine as long as blood wasn't dripping out of my pants! LOL What's one of your recent embarrassing moments?


  1. almost every day i get out if bed LOL

  2. whoa boy Lily girl.......you're having a rough time there huh? Things will get better. I like that pic at the top....where did you take that?