Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mural, Mural on the wall...

So, Janice took the leftover deck stain and greatly improved the look of most of the fence...
And going along with the mural idea KJ decided he would take on his own arts and craft project. He did the sawing, nailing and painting and I now have a boat against my fence line.
Near a yellow picket fence for the Morning Glory to trail up...and my son's signature all down the fence. Yep, That's right. First and last name along with numbers 1-10...I do belive we'll be painting over that. The pics would be brighter, but most of this happened after work. We had dinner on the deck and my Mom dropped by to picked up Rosie. Sprout was sad to see him go but did fine outside this morning. Hopefully we'll continue to stay on track with him...Anyway, between the work, dinner and clean-up I didn't whip out a camera 'til we were ready to go in around 7pm. We painted the deck furniture in the last week too...Here's my man and a detail I love from my furniture. I tell ya, the thrift store is a beautiful thing!

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