Friday, September 19, 2008

Whoo Hoo!

We've been woking with Sprout...feeding him chicken, praising him, propping open the back door to let in all the mosquitos and let him go in and out at will...and I borrowed my Mom's dog Roosevelt. You know you have to be a tough boy to run around with a name like "Rosie" right? He's a love and he and Sprout adore each other. Sure enough he did get Sprout to forget all his anxiety and dash out the dooor for a "whizzing contest." That's an important prelude to play time every time he visits.

Well, after a great time Sprout want falling for it anymore so that coupled with a request from a friend to dog-sit led me to send our Rosie-boy back home. The dogs we are sitting are 2 of the cutest corgies you could imagine...and Sprout and Titus are truly facinated with one another. They played, and hopped, and romped and rolled, all with their "siblings" looking on. Sprout was very happy to go out with him last night and this morning bounded out the door as if nothing was ever wrong. Ihope it lasts but we'll see...Guess the dogsitting truly made for a win-win!

I'm so proud of KJ! He's doing all his homework on his own, with no nagging. I'm amazed, relieved, pleased and more. I may have mentioned this before but I swear it's makin gup for all the years I had to fight, push and nag Chantal! He's doing weel in football (they won their first game) and is joining a book club...and wants to join cub scouts. I'll have to work to figure out how to make his schedule flow!

And she's decided she wants to be an RN and register for school next semester! I am very pleased but put the ownership on her to get the forms and promised help with enrolling. I hope this idea lasts, but I know if I push she'll dig in her hells and go the other way. Still no full-time job yet so she's approaching the time where she loses her car priveledges. Sigh, here it all comes.

And Z is her normal happy self. She's doing lots of writing, drawing and finally happy to be back at school with her friends. I still have to watch her in the morning though...I told her to get dressed for schoola nd when going in to check on her it's no longer uncommon to find her in her bed with the covers up to her chin going back to sleep!

I hope you all have a great weekend...I sure plan to!

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