Monday, September 15, 2008

Oops! We lost a Marble!

Sprout has gone frickin nuts...He lost a marble and we can't find it. It's sad. He's afraid to venture into the backyard. Now I could find this funny if he didn't tremble when we went into the laundry room or practically hyperventilate on the deck or sneak back in and SHIT IN THE HOUSE! He won't go. I've had to walk him daily, not in the yard, and he's still afraid and trying to "hold it."

I took him to the vet today on the off chance that he wasn't crazy and there was actually something wrong with him but he checked out fine...just mental. The vet has suggested I coax him as far as he'll go without stressing on me, feeding him chicken the whole time to "persuade" him. She took some blood work too and said if all is well he can have Prozac if needed...she knows a "dog whisperer" too and the woman has apparently helped many animals...Meanwhile we sit around discussing every trivial event in his life over the past week...While coaxing him towards the door with chicken. I got him off the deck and into the yard today, but only 2 steps pottying.

...I was just interrupted by him trying to poop in the house! He squatted, I screamed, leashed him and out we went...Chicken be Damned! We spent 30 minutes walking, praising and trying...No Poop! Damn Dog! It's good thing I love so much!

Say a prayer and send advice...I'll kidnap his BFF from my Mom's house and see if Rosie can help him out Thursday.

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