Monday, September 22, 2008

Hmmm...I feel the Recesion Now.

Now I felt it before mind you, but I got a bit shocked and annoyed this weekend. My water bill came. And it was double what I normally pay on a bi-monthly basis. So I pulled it out to review and damned if my usage wasn't the same. You see, they doubled the rate. Rat-Bastards. They probably sent some kind of notice to warn me but I open envelopes, peek inside and if all looks good I chuck it and pay my bills online. Perhaps I could have seen it coming when my Dad complained about his the other day...But I assumed they must have a leak somewhere, or perhaps my Mom was leaving the hose on and forgetting to turn it off. Who knew! Well the trash bill came too. It was higher with a lovely little note about increased fuel costs and that they hoped I would understand. I do. But what I don't understand is how with the rate increases on groceries, daycare, gas, electric, and now the water and trash...and no raise at work I still have to keep up with all the bills and expenses of raising my family. Half my flippin income goes to daycare alone and I'm not livin' a luxurious lifestyle here folks. Our insurance rates are going up again this year and they reduced the coverage last year. It's feeling hard to be that single Mom right now. Thank God I do get child support because right now I could not maintain my kids standard of living without it. And seeing how long it takes to sell a house in the current market I'd likely be looking at a foreclosure or making my teen quit her job to take care of her siblings. So don't get me wrong, I'd heard all the rhetoric and folks complaining, but nowadays, I'm really feeling it and it smacked me in the face this weekend. I feel bad for all the other familes out there getting by on less...Guess I'll be studying the budget to see where else I can cut expenses soon.

On a lighter note I dog-sat and had fun with the little herd, but it was a bit of work. My Dad sent me Rosie again, I had my friends 2 Welsh Corgies and of course my own 2 bully babies...5 dogs is quite a bit. All got along splendidly except for Layla who was pissed at all the boys and had to be kept separated all weekend. I washed and furminated the Corgi's for my girlfriend and do hope she appreciates it. With all she has going on right now I totally understand she does not have time or energy to dedicate to those little things in life. They were very good about it, barked at the cats and Layla ALL weekend and all 4 boys ran and zoomed through the yard playing all weekend. It was a pleasure to watch and made up for any extra work involved. It also helped me understand that unless I get a puppy or Rosie, I'll likely never be able to have another dog and feel it is safe as long as Layla is around. I'm working with her on more socialization, but like with anything it takes time.

The kids are great and enjoyed time with their Dad this weekend. My Dad and I attended KJs football game (they tied) and I enjoyed the time with with my Dad one on one. I worry so over his health, but have no idea what to do. The kids are doing good with house rules so I think we're all settling into the fall routine - I even gave in and drained the pool this weekend. Now I have a bit of painting still before winter, but it looks like I'm all good heading into winter.

J and I went out with our friends C & R this weekend and J got smashed...It totally sucked. She and C argued, she fussed with me and decided she wanted to drive home to her vacant house (that sold by the way! YAY!) in the middle of the night with her cats. It was a very Bad night and I'm afraid there is some mending she needs to do. Fortunately, she finally went to bed and got "pay her dues" on Sunday - even calling out sick at work. Ick.

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