Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What the hell!

I post some pics, update a template and now my layout is all jacked up! Can anybody help?

Anyway, vacation was great and sadly we are back to the real world. I sooooo wish I could have fallen in love with some independently wealthy person who just wanted to and could afford to stay at home with me and be happy...but I'll take all the happiness I have, thank you. lol

The "best day ever" was when I took the kids rock climbing/sliding at Pumphouse Park, then for ice cream, to visit the homeless kitties and to the thrift store...That's where I snatched up my new deck furniture.

I also spent a day with Miss Candi shopping in Williamsburg and found the BEST EVER shoes!!! They have a heel, they fit and they are comfortable. Who knew?

We had many cookouts, did much yard work and spent hours in the pool. We never left the house before noon, spent 4 days go-karting, grass tubing and waterparking it at Massanutten and took a lot of naps. We needed them because even though we slept in every morning we stayed up late every night.

I know we did lots more and I missed many photo ops, but I was just too damn busy living in the moment and enjoying every moment.

I think of all the poor souls that have vacation and don't use it and weep inside for them...Just because they are freakin' idiots...and cant give it to me to use.

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