Monday, August 18, 2008

OMG! It's the size of an eggroll!

Vacation is a beautiful thing. I've done nothing spectacular yet but relished in all the little things (and done a bunch of house stuff too) including:
  • tightening doorknobs (no idea why they loosen thine selves)
  • Gone school shopping for clothes
  • cleaned the pool
  • visited my parents
  • repainted the front porch and door
  • cooked a taco dinner for the fam including my sis and her crew and my mom
  • involved the boys in hunting for and relocating volunteer trees in the yard
  • washed windows
  • spent the day making whirlpools and wave pools
  • hung out in the hot tub w/ J
  • gone out to dinner w/ J
  • caught a toad and played with him in piggy's pool, as we laughed at her confusion and amazement
  • marveled over the lush, green, healthy, beautiful grass flourishing UNDER the deck
  • taken naps
  • slept in every day and read the paper on the deck

All good stuff. The kids are happy and settling back down...Today KJ has dressed like the 70's, though I'm not sure they wore Hawaiian shirts then...And as the boys changed last night, KJ accidentally looked at his older cousin while changing and said, out loud, "Oh my god! Your penis is the size of an egg roll!"...And while this may be totally inappropriate, my nephew came outside laughing and announcing it to anyone that would listen. We congratulated him and told him to go put a shirt on.

Maybe we'll kick it up a notch this week but I'm still busy getting into that mellow state of mind...

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  1. I love it that they were rockin' hawaiian shirts. They probably weren't wearing them in the 70's, but it is now a fashion statement.