Friday, August 15, 2008

Camp Thunderbird

I attended Camp Thunderbird when I was a kid and plan to send mine there next summer...i.e. once Z is old enough. Anyway, my friend's child is attending this summer and it's been fun remembering the time I spent there. I remember coming home hot, tired, dirty and very happy.

A true summer camp has its share of legends. Camp Thunderbird has a few legends that all campers know about, but I have to admit I forgot them until this morning...

1. Cowabunga - the biggest fish to ever swim in Lake George. Many have seen this 20-30 pound fish, but few have caught it.

2. Hippogator - This unique animal is half hippopotamus and half alligator. He was a pet but outfrew a bathtub and was dumped in the lake. He has been spotted by many, but don't worry--the Hippogator is not a dangerous animal. He is a vegetarian, and he's allergic to life jackets.

3. Haunted Cabin 13 - Every camp has a scary cabin...
I hope my kids enjoy it as much as I did...I don't know if I ever told my Mom it was cool, but it was!

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