Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kicking & Screaming

You could go play outside.

Awww, Mom! Do I have to!

Only 2 1/2 weeks of summer vacation left and every child I ever gave birth to wants nothing more than to lay on the couch glued to the tv. I'll be on vacation over the next 2 weeks so they can kiss the tv goodbye. We'll be too busy having fun.

Football started this week. KJ is "on the line" an has the same coach. I love this man's twisted sense of humor! He announced to the team that they would run sprints BUT if KJ won the race they'd stop...He is soooo wrong. I love my bay but we all know fast, he's not!

Z broke out in huge red welt hives on Monday and they carried through off and on yesterday. She's better now but it's hard to know what she reacted to...I had her at home in the evening while KJ was at football and we had a ball. She is such a delightful child when her brother is absent. She told me lots of stories and picked all the tv shows...She felt the need to educate me on the show Drake & Josh...You know Mommy, Josh is he silly and makes me laugh, but he is the fat one. Drake is a handsome and cool boy...Hmmmm, she's 4 and already picking out "handsome, cool" boys. I better look out.

And Chantal is giving me more grey hair. Since we try to keep this to the funny and crazy stuff I won't illuminate, but something's gotta give!

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  1. Joslin8/15/2008

    Arienna has been that way ALL SUMMER!!! I feel your pain