Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have 2 weeks of vacation in August and the only remaining question is what to do? We are hitting Massanutten for 4 days. I want to go to Vermont. And New York. And Florida. And all the beaches in between. Um, yeah, I have some planning to do and need to figure the budget 1st. Feel free to send me any and all cool cheap ideas within 3-4 hours of Richmond VA.

And Jasper is a lucky dog...He will get to go be fostered by a woman who works with dogs (quite successfully I might add) on behavioral issues. So, we get his health on the med and she takes over with the training. Certainly a win-win because it uses her skill smost effectivly and will halep him find a great new home. He's already got people and cats down pat, he just needs to dog on his doggie skills.
And Sprout...Maybe his nickname showld be hambone...Works well with Piggy don't cha think? J took the pups outside yesterday and all were having fun. I came home and that poor baby could barely touch his leg to the ground, he was in so much pain...nevermind that he was running laps before I showed up. Yep, I think so. Sprout and Layla AKA Hambone & Piggy!

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