Thursday, July 24, 2008

Toady Toad Toad

Me: Kids come out here and see a cool surprise.
KJ: Come on Z - Hurray Up!
KJ & Z: Where is it!?
Me: In the dog bowl - Look, a baby frog!

The toads are back...We missed them last summer but have lots of "babies" now. Z was truly unimpressed, said so and went back in the house though I was needed to help catch the little guy in the dog's outdoor water bowl...KJ is out of practice. After catching him we looked him over and played with hima bit before letting him go. Guess this is one reason hanging out with my son is sooo cool...

And one more reason we call Z a princess all the time. She showed me her
funny little Miss America wave and asked if it was a "princess wave." I said yes and she told meher Dad said not to do it. I reassured her it was fine anytime. She's picked up on the fact that being called a princess is not always a compliment though...and says she doesn't like "that word"

Th'at C's car in the pics...totally unrelated to anything else, but way over due...

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