Friday, July 18, 2008

Jasper's not the dog for us.

I am sad for Mr. J. We agreed to foster him so he could get his heartworm treatment he so badly needs and hoped to adopt the little olde english bulldogge but it is not to be. We've been introducing him to my dogs, walking them together, crating them near each other. Making the 3 of them sit for treats together and enjoying his very happy peppy personality but alas, he won't be with us forever. 2 days ago Lay went after him...My attention had been averted by my disobedient son but I'm afraid he was likely eyeballing Sprout. I've had to be extra careful with the 2 boys because he wants to eat my boy. Last night we had them leashed and I'm afraid that with Miss J not being the most dog savvy woman in the world we had another incident. Jasper attached Sprout and while Sprout defended himself and tried to get away he couldn't and there was some blood. It makes me sad because with the cats and one on one he is an awesome little boy but this time I either missed the signals or he gave no warning. When I had him by his rear legs to pull him off of Sprout he was literally hanging on to my boys side. Sprout turned and bit him and Jasper's whole head fits in Sprouts mouth. Jasper got a nick on his leg, face and leg. Sprouts pad on his paw was sliced open, he's got some other nicks and he's sore today. There was quite a bit of blood but all primarily from Sprout. We got everyone separated, tended the wounds and notified the right person. He will most likely go into a new foster home now but as we wait we go back to crating Jasper in a room along and having separate potty breaks and exercise for him and my dogs...My best hope is that his treatment goes great and he ends up with a dog savvy owner where he's the only bully or has a female he can do well with, he's totally cool with cats and people though so perhaps just being the only dog and having a kitty for him would be best. Not my decision of course, but that's my 2 cents.

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