Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oy Vey!

Kid by kid I've had quite a few challenges over the past 24 hours...We'll go backwards in time.

Chantal let me know she got her 1st ever full-time job today with benefits. I was ecstatic! And that's probably understating it even though it is at Sally's which I can't envision as a career I would choose for her. She's happy though and wants to work in retail...She's telling me she'll get benefits. I congratulate her and tell her I'm proud...Then I find out she's only part-time and will likely go full time in a month or or so...and no benefits 'til then...And she'll likely only work 15 hours per week 'til then...And she's hell-bent on quitting her other part-time job right away. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

Miss Z lost her "nubby" yesterday...Since we want them to go away I have let them get lost one by one and counseled her to keep the one she had left in her bed for bedtime so it would not be lost. I know, and hate to admit, the only reason she still has one is because she's the "baby" and I haven't rushed her to grow up at all. I told her I understood that she was sad and angry but without being able to find the nubby she'd have to do without...Boy did that ever start her on the rampage! She yelled and waved her arms and complained and moaned and whined and acted like she was crying hard enough to break her little heart but without a tear in sight. Being Mommy I wanted to hug her and kiss her to make her feel better and pat her little back to help her fall asleep...She wasn't having any of that! No hugs, kisses or pats for Mommy. She was pissed and trying everything she could think of to make me do something including going to the store for her or to Daddy's to get one from his house. When it didn't work she got really mad. She did finally settle down and ask for a story, which I gave. Then she talked to me like a poor little addict going through withdrawal telling me I had no idea how bad she wanted it and how it felt...This one better never try anything she could get really and truly addicted to. I wanted to laugh when she stood there ranting, hand on hips, arms waving in the air for emphasis but how wrong would that be? Then the little dive woke up in the middle of the night and came into my room yelling and carrying on again...Demanding I get up and search the house! Um, yeah, no, not so much...She complained she was thirsty, her brother was in her spot in my bed and she couldn't get any covers and on and on...All I said was "enough, Z. go to sleep!" and rolled over...She lived through the night but was soooo tired this am. When I dropped her at her Dad's for the day I told him what happened, that she needed a nap and if the nubbies got mysteriously lost it would be ok...Then she came around the corner, with one in her mouth and one in her hand. (sigh)

And KJ was happy to see me yesterday...He ran out of the house yelling my name and proclaiming he'd been waiting to go to the library all day...I forgot I promised that. We went. When we went to check out I asked the woman to look me up and told her I had a fee to pay. Even in this day and age they will only take cash or check...No debit cards or credit cards...And no, I could not check out my books without paying the fee. So I asked if we could put them on KJ's new card since he was getting one and we'd filled out the forms. She said yes and keyed in his info...Then she told me he already had one and owed fees too. I'm getting frustrated and KJ is asking me why I owe them money and why don't I keep a check in my purse and all sorts of questions that make clear I am his burden to bear...Long story short the 4 year old now has a card too, I vowed to bring a check when we return our things this time and KJ was totally annoyed. I told him to stand near me while I dealt with the not so friendly librarian and he disobeyed. While my back was turned he went outside to the car...I could see him and he got tired of waiting and was on his way back as Z and I came out...He was in trouble and even less happy then.

Rough night at our house...Any gypsies wanna trade? LOL

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