Sunday, July 13, 2008

May the Rooster be with you...

Being raised Catholic and getting this text from my sis all I could say in return was "and also with you." That is, until I found the little bastard with all his faker greenery soundly tucked into my bed. She got me! I laughed so hard and she truly made me smile. I'm glad they came to cookout and swim...For those of you outside this joke, my sister hates roosters so I gave her the worst one I found (and he was fee to boot) over lunch for her birthday lunch - wrapped quite nicely I might add. He's wicker creation that stands about a foot high and has fake plastic greenery all over him like he's a fake see-through planter (?) Of course her hubby liked it and put him up in the living room. My sister sent him to live with her mother in law. Since then I've had to come with more roosters and send them over at random. But this little guy came home to I said "I will love him, and feed him and pet him and call him George." Any of you around my age should know exactly where that line comes from...She went onto say she thought I'd like some cock...Oh yeah! It's on...I forgot the stunt I had planned for Charlie's birthday, but there's gotta be some other holiday around the corner. lol

Friday was cool - I volunteered for the SPCA and James Ricer Cellars and 1of the pups I paraded around got adopted. That was cool because being the girl I am I picked my favorites to pair up with. Not saying I made the difference but I'm sure my being there and helping out made a difference.

We took KJ tubing down the James Saturday. It was his first time and while he was worried and nervous in the beginning he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself and wants to go again. He was stressing a bit about the rocks and dragonflies, but had a good day. We finished off with dinner at Friendly's and I really enjoyed the time with him. It's so cool when you get one-on-one time with your kids and they really get to show their personality without distractions or competition from siblings. He is such a cool little man!

I jumped on Chantal today and showed her the big fat hammer about to fall on her head if she doesn't get her butt in gear. Basically she is facing the fact that if she's not working full time she can work her part-time job, job hunt and spend time with my parents helping get/keep the house clean and shuttle her Pop-Pop around. I figure all that should take about 40 hours a week and THEN she can hang out with her friends. I also explained that if some changes in her attitude and choices don't happen pretty soon that "new" car is destined to sit in the driveway. She was not a happy girl.

And Z came home so loudly and mad from Dad's that I could hear her complaining over the lawn mower as I cut the grass...When I shut it off and asked her what was going on she went into a princess tirade about how no one in the family treats her right, they are all mean and they hate her...though it was much longer and included specific complaints about everyone...And she was doing this with her weight on one foot as she made faces and waved and gestured with her arms...I think I rue the day she becomes a full-fledged teen. J asked her what would make her happy. When she answered it was only to throw up an arm and say there was nothing anyone could do. Then she sat in a chair to sulk...I asked Dad to stick around until I finished the grass.

Finally now at midnight the house is quiet and everyone is in bed asleep. Tomorrow begins a new work week...I better rest up!

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend!

    Happy blogoversary!