Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tagged From Nina

I am: a happy single mother of 3
I think: I need a beach vacation
I thank: God for my wonderful family
I know: Chantal will eventually find a career or at least a full time job
I wish: I didn't have to work so much
I hate: rude people
I miss: my grandmother
I feel: like chilling outdoors today
I shop: only when I have to
I hear: my pups calling me to come play outdoors
I crave: more free time
I wonder: what I'll be doing job-wise in couple of years
I dream: of finally starting a large garden
I love: that I planted a birch tree right outside my window...and in the cool mornings I can watch the light curtains rustle as I listen to the leaves
I care: so much for my children and it causes me to always worry about them.
I always: enjoy quiet Sunday mornings with coffee, the paper and the dogs on the deck
I celebrate: life daily - or try to
I sing: really, really loud in the car by myself…I sound like a star then
I cry: when overwhelmed by emotion
I don’t always: keep my mouth shut when I should.
I write: on my blog and notes to myself on the fridge
I pray: every night for my family, friends and people I don’t know.
I lose: my mind sometimes and my keys regularly
I listen: to my kids stories, they are so full of dreams, life and imagination
I am scared: of not being able to see my grandkids grow up - Il ove this life and don't plan to leave
I dance: with my kids in the kitchen
I need: a bit of undisturbed quiet every day
I surf: the Internet to read blogs and learn new things.
I dread: bill paying days...What a pain in the ass when I could be having fun
I anticipate: my plants growing a flourishing along my fence lines
I laugh: daily with friends and family

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