Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can I Run Away from Home yet?

Let me start by saying Chantal's graduation was a wonderful time. I was so busy Thursday I had no time to even think about it, but since I was driving her I was there early enough to watch all the preparations and last minute practice. I was in the front row and watched her every move. I admit I was verclept at the speeches but what killed me was the playing of pomp and circumstance as the over 800 student cam in to take their seats...I sat there thinking of when she was born, hr first beach trip, learning to walk, emergencies suspensions and getting it all back on track to graduate...And I silently cried like a baby. I can't believe my baby girl has graduated and (thinks) she's all grown up now. I managed to sneak in a nap and take her out to eat without the entire troop tagging along before the party...
The party was typical of us - I ran non-stop as we fed and entertained over 25 folks. She had a good time but in the end couldn't wait to leave. She made the tour stopping at friends houses and straggled in about 1am to find me asleep-waiting-up for her.
Bad news was Fannie made us potato salad and hung out with us despite that she was ill...I ended up feeling sick for the past 4 days, but am finally back up to snuff.
The little ones are enjoying their summer thus far. They've stayed up late, slept in, played, gone swimming and gotten to see both parents daily. Life is good for them...
And now that everyone is on track I'd like to duck out for a bit...I need a vacation and look forward to my "staycation" in 2 weeks. The foster should be on his way to heartworm eradication by then (long story for another day) Chantal should be settling in and realizing her chores and responsibilities did not evaporate, only increased, with her diploma, I should have figured out how to enjoy my evening with the kids and still be able to get to work on time and we'll be hitting summer school for KJ...Summers are busy but the schedule is more lax. I for one will be glad though once we get settled into that familiar routine.

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