Friday, June 20, 2008

Remember the movie with the cat they called DC?

AKA Damn Cat...I have one of those. My might huntress eradicated the snakes we had last year but now that they've moved on she's focused on the birds. I hate finding one in the yard but last night...
The wench killed one, broke in the screened in window and plucked him on my living room rug!!! I am soooooo not having a great week. I found out about this when Janice woke me up - oversleeping again - and told me. She told me she put the dead bird out on the front porch...I was surprised though and a bit perturbed to see her slowly drinking her coffee while the living room was littered with feathers. The dog peed on it too. And in the kitchen...This is not the way to start a Friday morning.
As you know I buy cheap area rugs because I do have kids and pets and figured why spend time stressing about messes and spills when they can be cleaned or the rug can be tossed...So I usually get 2 new rugs a year. Not very green, but good for my stress level.
I rolled up the rug and tossed it out the front door. Then I found the dead bird, who had been picked up by a plastic bag, but not put in the bag on my front porch. EWWWW.
I dropped him in the trash, got ready for work and left. With a rug rolled up in my front yard.
The day must get better.

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