Monday, June 23, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

  • Gotta love the summer...Saturday morning I had fresh coffee, the paper, dogs at me feet, sitting in the shade and looked on as my children did tricks for me and popped in and out of the pool a million times. We hit up the vegetarian festival in the aftnoon and grabbed an early dinner at Taco Bell on the way to his game. The game was called due to lightning so we'll play agin on Wednesday.
  • Sunday was to be more of the same, but my kids managed to keep it a bit more interesting...
  • KJ dumped a good portion of dish soap in the hot tub
  • Z was so tired from playing all morning she climed up in my lap and slept in my lap for about and hour
  • There was a toad hunt
  • We studied a water bug
  • KJ helped mow the lawn
  • We admired the flowers blooming overhead as we lay and chatted in the hammock
  • We tricked the dog into runing thru the sprinkler by tossing her ball
  • We washed the car...but KJ oured dish soap directly on it without any water...We didnt need a bucket
  • His toothache is better
  • We grilled out and ate at our pretty table under the umbrella
  • Since the radio was playing all day we had several dance sessions
  • He beat me at pool basketball...I'll blame Z as my handicap since she was attached to my leg.
  • KJ fell out for the night on the sofa around 730...And I did with Z around 9.

Good Stuff, man!

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