Friday, June 27, 2008

I saved a life.

After weed eating the yard in the heat late yesterday afternoon a float in the pool seemed mandatory before heading out to the Canal Club to hear my friend's band, Jubeus play. As I watched the hummingbird busy at the feeder a big fat bumblebee flew into the pool. I watched him swimming thinking he had no shot at getting out and was bound to drown. I considered that I had been taught they won't sting - only bit if frightened or cornered - and all the times they'd landed on me and left me unscathed...So I floated over and picked him up out of the water in my hand - this has to be safer than the time I picked up the wild snake in my garden and showed it to all the neighborhood kids, right? Anyway, I think this must be the first time I've ever really seen a bumblebee truly up close. He buzzed his wings and worked to groom his entire body while being held...He went from soaking wet to a having what looked like the softest yellow velvet covering his delicate body. Then he flew away. Pretty cool - and of course, I wasn't bitten.

Jubeus advertised last night as Eric's last night in the band so I then hopped on down to the Canal Club to check them out...Their openers (Everybody but Pete, Honor by August and something like Mystery Music) were all good. Apparently Honor by August opens for Bon Jovi sometimes. Anyway, it not his last show...It was the last show charging admission. Humph! He'll play again with them for free tonight at Sine's...So I stayed 'til 10ish and went on home. Never heard them, but had fun hanging out with E. Perhaps I'll try again tonight. lol

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