Thursday, June 26, 2008

The joys of independence...

We have rules around here...One is that no child is allowed to play in the water without a "buddy." Some of us like to conveniently forget the rules and while I'd like to think my son has totally lost his mind I remember my nephew getting all "I can do it by myself" at this age. They go through it when they are doing things like learning to dress themselves or put on shoes and it takes a half hour, but I forgot that it comes again around the 7-9 age. (And for those of you that haven't been through the teenage years my 18 year old is doing it too. I soooo love it when they all go through the same phase at once.)
I was tired yesterday. Falling on my face, talking incoherently tired and had the joy of attending a baseball game after work and then hauling my oooohhhhh so tired boy home to a cool shower...Then I couldn't sleep. I was up until after midnight and when I awoke at 830 this morning I thanked God I could work from home today and skip the hour of daily driving. However, KJ did not sleep in...He was up after J went to work and before all the girls woke up and decided he needed to relax (You so know where this heading right?) He took a dip in the hot tub. Apparently he had a great time and somehow thought I wouldn't notice when he woke me, dripping beside my bed to wonder out loud when his Dad would pick him up for the day. Um, yeah, I noticed. He was a sad child when banned from the water.
Once I logged on to begin work and the kids went off to get dressed for Dad I looked up in amazement to see my son sporting a toga (this is the exact reason I don't change daycare plans no matter where I'm working.) He assured me he'd re-hang my bedroom curtains. Sigh

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