Monday, June 9, 2008

The dog days of summer...

Whew, It's hot! You are not supposed to see the temp go over 100 in June and feel the need to complain that the pool is already too HOT!
I went to see the B-52's and Cindi Lauper in concert this weekend...I booked a hotel only .3 miles away thinking how fun it would be to walk, drink and admire the city, but it was too freakin' hot! We did walk for a meal, then to Constitution Hall and just cabbed it the rest of the night. All in all a good time...Then I went to fantasize over new furniture at Ikea on the way home...wild woman that I am. lol
We all hit the pool yesterday, but it was I hosed off the dogs and snuck in trips to the hose to water off my head while the kids stuck it out in the pool...It's cool to be the all-knowing adult who realizes where the cold water is. ;)
Chantal graduates from high school Friday - Damn! How did that ll happen so fast!?! I've got to get ready for the party and hope and pray the heat wave breaks...I just don't want allllllll those folks partying in my house...My idea of fun is outdoors with a grill, music, drinks on ice and NOT complaining about the heat. We shall see, we shall see.
KJ chose attending her graduation over his conflicting class party. I love that boy!
And Z hasn't a clue. :)
I'll confirm folks attendance and try to set up carpools this week...
And folks keep asking if Jasper will stay with us long-term...I have no idea. He's having to wait a couple weeks for treatment and I refuse to get all super emotionally invested in him yet. I treat him like my own, but do keep him crated quite a bit...Perhaps this will help him feel less "punished" when he must be crated during treatment? I don't know. Anyway, he has to live through treatment and show us his for-real-tru-healthy self first. I'll let you know.


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