Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Special Public Appearance

I volunteer with the local SPCA. It's a nice way to give back considering the awesome dogs I've owned from there. I started going in and giving time (and labor) onsite until I relalized I wanted to bring a dog home every time I visited. Now I only volunteer at adoption events. Mush better for me and they don't seem to have as many folks interested. I try to do one a month and signed up some time back for the adoption event at the Southern Women's show being held the weekend of the 18th...Well, they are doing a doggy fasion show and featuring you own pets along with shelter dogs...Since Sprout was a shelter dog and has done a 180 since I got him I signed him up. He goes in for his fitting on Monday and will be in the fashion show on Friday at 5pm on the main stage (I'll be in it too, but expect him to be the star.) And...the Firefighters go on after us - they should be yummy. So, if you're looking for fun on a Friday you can come see us. lol
I got my bedroom done. It was a LOT of work but I managed to lay the floor in there. I have a few tiles left to do - custom cutting is not to be performed at night when you are tired and your hands hurt. But it looks very pretty. All the work I've done on the house over the last 5 days (last 2 days at night) has totoally paid off. I am so glad and when it finally stops raining for more than a few hours at a time I can go focus on my deck. :)
I have a friend selling Mary Key and they've put up a virtual make-up site. It's pretty cool - you can try and pick out colors on a model matching your skin tone before you buy. Here's the link:
And I'm training for the 5k...Here's my site if you care to see how donations are moving along (or make one):

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