Monday, April 7, 2008

A Marathon!

No, I didn't run one, but that's the kind of weekend I had. The kids were with their dad so I finally got the tile floor laid in their room. And since I had to disrupt everything to do so I hauled out about 3 bags of trash and another 3 bags of old toys...I hate the Dollar Tree - Kirt takes the kids there on a regular basis thereby contributing to the clutter factor here.
At this point I thought about the yard sale my friend invited me to participate in and since my room is next on the list for new flooring I started decluttering my room...Then I hit the linen closet and the bathroom! I ended up with about 6 bags of trash and about 5 big bags worth of stuff to get rid of! And everything is neatly back in place and clean, clean, clean.
I Hung up and rearranged all the family photos I had frames for in the hallway. Everything feels fresh and new. I love it! Now you might wonder how long it takes to lay a floor, rearrange furniture and declutter 2 bedrooms, a linen closet and a bathroom...Over Friday, Saturday and Sunday I worked about 22 hours. So, no. I didn;t do much else all weekend...
We did take my Dad out for a birthday dinner though at Penny Lane Pub. He'd never been there and has a strong affinity for all things Irish/Scottish and appreciated the pub. We had the Steak & Guinness pie, Pork pie, Cottage Pie (like Shepherd's Pie) and more. It was a delight and I am so glad he enjoyed it. I asked him if he'd like to come again and his off the cuff response was, "Yeah, how about tomorrow?" I'm glad I made him smile.
Cheers! Lillian

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  1. awww that's so nice to take your dad out. and is hard but the end result sure feels good