Friday, April 11, 2008


Chantal came home sobbing yesterday. Her face was all red and tears were pouring down her cheeks. She got her 1st speeding ticket every yesterday - and for reckless driving no less. I hope the experience, paying the fines and driving school will teach her a lesson. I felt bad for her. I didn't yell and told we'd get through it...but I didn't coddle here either. Very matter-of-factly conveying the message that we all have choices in life and must take consequences (good & bad) based on the decisions we make. She felt better by the end of the night but seems quite sorry (and not just sorry she was caught.)I'm glad and hope this is the last one she'll get...May she follow Nina's footsteps there and NOT mine!

The ants are back...They didn't care for the traps in the bathroom. They were gone for a few days but now are back and have expanded their territory. They still haven't found the kitchen - Go figure?! - but are hanging out in the bedroom and living room too. Being the curious person I am I went online for more solutions...I have not had great results from Grants Antz or lawn insecticides. I've stayed away from borax because it is toxic for pets and children, but got some amazing new ideas for killing and repelling...Here they are:
Pour boiling water on nests
Cover mound w/ yellow cornmeal – they can’t digest and die
Water & hotsauce
3 caps Listerine, 1 squirt dish soap and 1 gallon water – soak hill
Pour ammonia on hill
Herb tansy
Grits (they eat and explode)
Place fabric softener Bounce sheets around house
Baby powder
Cucumber peel
Citrus peel
Coffee grounds


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  2. poor things.....they learn for it though!