Monday, April 21, 2008

Hapy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to me...The dog show was a success Friday night. Sprout was a big hit and had a blast. Of course it took me 30 minutes to walk down any given aisle because everyone had to stop and love him. Then they'd tell me their dog stories and ask for his. A few people wanted to know if he was up for adoption. I couldn't give up my boy! :)
Saturday I slept in, read the paper in bed and spent ages weeding the flower beds...Grass grows so well where you don't want it! I went to KJs baseball game - in the Jeep with the top off - and was happy to see him enjoying himself and doing a great job. They won. :) I followed that up with shopping - J bought me new bedding for my birthday - Yay! and then hit Applebees for dinner. We went home, lounged in the hot tub and fell out with the tv! It was a good day.
Yesterday was cold an rainy so I began the day the same way...Then I'd nap a bit, read a bit, nap, watch tv and I went to my parents. My Dad got me a cake and Mom got me a pretty dress. It's still raining here. I have a small lake in my yard and the dogs have cabin fever. They've begun bunny hopping all through the house with every ball or bone they can find...Bring back the warm sunshine! I do think it's cool that I have enough flowers blooming this year to take different pics every day though...And I put out my ladybugs this weekend. I have been teased for buying them, but I like them, didn't have them and needed some hard-core warriors for the aphids that would eat me roses!
And the reason the sheets were such a perfect gift? My favorite set got a small tear in the wash. They're high thread count used constantly and almost 20 years old. It's hard work to own anything that soft! Well, Each day this week someone got a toe, or a foot, or a leg stuck in the hole. They were almost in half when I finally gave in and took them off the bed. But now I have beautiful new aqua sheets with a matching beach striped comforter. Life is good!


  1. Happy Birthday Lilli. I am sure you are deserving of some nice treats and try weed blocking gauze for those like a charm. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Lily girl...
    and Carol's right, that weed blocking gauze works great. Except for that damn wire will grow thru anything!!