Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Funny as Hell...

I haven't been on here for a bit. I've been busy. I volunteered on Rebuilding Together's National Build Day on Saturday (as one of the captains) and it was a huge success. Some of the work we did to help our elderly homeowners (we took on 2 houses) move the needle to "warm, safe and dry" included: Massive roof, flooring and other structural repairs -- along with termite treatment; New kitchen cabinets, flooring and washer & dryer in one home; New windows in the other home; All kinds of energy-saving fixes like new weather stripping, crawlspace insulation and compact fluorescent light bulbs; Replacement back security door; Added drop down stair access to the attic; And lots and lots more... and all done not just on time but even a little early this year!

All this inspired me to re-visit the list of home stuff I wanted to accomplish in 2008. This week I've stained a door and touched up the stain in other parts of the house, spackled 3 walls that needed some repair and painted them and put up corner protectors on my hall wall that was in the worst shape. And made a plan to tackle the stairs next. :)

Z had a Trike-A-Thon for St Judes this week at school and she loved it. KJ is doing well - still no noticeable difference with the meds. Won the Game Ball on Saturday! He hit 4 good times and not only got on base, but scored some runs that day. Chantal is still job-hunting for full-time work and carrying on the college debate...I don't think she'll go. :(

And the funny part? The dogs discovered that laying on top of the hot tub in the sun is an ideal way to sunbathe. This wouldn't be a problem except that now it's bowing in. I put some deck furniture off it after watching to see where they get up in hopes of solving the problem. It didn't. Now you know Layla worries about us in the hot tub. She sits on the top step and whines and wants to talk the whole time anyone is in there...She know when the top is off. I was sitting in the hot tub last night discussing another way to address this when I looked up and saw legs flying in the air and a huge white chest headed straight towards me! Sprout mistakenly thought the cover was there and that he could jump up...He made a huge splash, totally freaked out, and jumped out over the deck rail to land about 5 feet below. He looked so upset. Like someone had beaten him. And I laughed so hard I lost my breath. Why can't I ever have a video camera around when these things happen? He spent the rest of the time we were outside "checking" on me and trying to get me out. Once I did get out - as he was beginning to shiver - he danced and hopped all around me in circles. Today I decided to leave the cover off for a day or two. Perhaps that issue will soon be solved?

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