Thursday, April 17, 2008


We need to clean my ears tonight.
OK - why is that?
Sania looked in my ear and she saw a bat.
That's just silly, you don't have bats in your ears! lol
Yes I do. And I looked in her ear and I saw a puppy and a bunny!
I guess she better clean her ears too.

I had Z solo for awhile last night. Dad is coaching KJs baseball team so each Wednesday he picks him up for dinner, homework and baseball. Then drops him off to me for showers, reading and bedtime. It's working out happily for both of them.

You know, Mommy, I got a black eye today.
No I didn't notice that.
Yep. Sania was swinging her teddy bear and it hit my head so I cried. Then I hit her with my bear.
Did she cry too?
Wow. Two girls crying isn't a great thing.
I know. I got a black eye but then we went on the swings and I got to go out without a coat today. And we had oranges for snack. They were yummy but Sania eats the skin. I don't like the skin so I don't eat it.
I don't eat the skin on my oranges either. You don't have to worry about that.
I know, but she does.

Can you guess who Z's best friend is? :)

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